Nelson-Jameson, a distributor in the food and dairy industries, has won the 2023 International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) Safety Recognition Award.

IDFA reportedly created this award to recognize members whose processing facilities and trucking operations demonstrate excellence in worker safety as part of a continuous effort to reduce occupational illness and injury. Nelson-Jameson has won the 2023 Outstanding Record of Worker Safety, awarded at all five distribution centers in Marshfield, Wis.; York, Pa.; Turlock, Calif.; Twin Falls, Idaho and Amarillo, Texas.

To be eligible for award considerations, facilities must have a Total Recordable Cases (TRC) rate and Cases with Days Away from Work, Job Transfer or Restriction (DART) rates less than 50% of industry averages, as provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nelson-Jameson incorporates its safety standards from a thoughtful pre-hire process, new hire training, job shadowing, monthly training and continual employee engagement to ensure all employees have the tools to do their jobs safely.