Innovia Films announced that after introducing Rayoform EUP60 into the global market, it had extended the range by developing a thinner version, EUP50. At 50 microns and with a density of 0.55 g/cm3, EUP50 is a high yield, high opacity, matt in-mold label (IML) film. 

The BOPP material aligns with “Design for Recycling” recommendations given by RecyClass, which state that PP-based In-Mould Label technology is compatible with colored PP recycling.

“EUP50 is perfect for labels for small-to-medium sized packaging in all food areas, whether you are molding to polypropylene or polyethylene containers,” explains Alasdair McEwen, product manager of labels & graphics at Innovia Films.  “EUP50 allows you to downgauge significantly where a thicker film is not needed, but also has the added benefit of reducing distortion in thin wall containers and lids after molding,” adds McEwen. 

The key to the success of EUP50 is the material science behind its formulation, which reportedly ensures outstanding ink adhesion using UV-cured and conventional offset inks, even at extremely high sheet feeding speeds.