UPSIDE Foods announced that it selected the greater Chicagoland region for its first cultivated meat production plant. The 187,000-sq.-ft. plant, based in Glenview, Ill., will start by producing ground cultivated chicken products with plans to expand to other species and whole-textured formats in the future. It will have an initial capacity to produce millions of pounds of cultivated meat products per year and the potential to expand to more than 30 million pounds.

The plant, designed to house cultivators with capacities of up to 100,000 liters, will stand as one of the largest and advanced commercial cultivated meat facilities, the company says.

UPSIDE's says its selection of Glenview was driven by the region's legacy in meat production, a shared commitment to innovation and sustainability, and strategic geographical advantages. Located at major transportation crossroads, the plant is expected to serve as an ideal hub for large-scale production, distribution and sale of cultivated meat products. Furthermore, UPSIDE says it was attracted to the area for its talented workforce and innovation landscape.

Jacobs has been selected as the design and manufacturing partner for the facility. UPSIDE says Jacobs was the ideal choice to assist in the realization of its large-scale cultivated meat production plant due to its track record in collaborating with mission-driven and innovative partners.

UPSIDE selected the name "Rubicon" for its first large-scale cultivated meat production plant with an appreciation for its historical significance as a point of no return. This choice reflects the company's commitment to redefine the future of food.