Flexicon BFF Series Bulk Bag Discharger contains dust when connecting bag spouts and feeding material into vacuum conveying lines, preventing product contamination and plant environment contamination. A forklift holds a removable bag-lifting frame above a palletized bulk bag. The rapid insertion of bag straps into Z-CLIP holders from an ergonomic standing height lifts the suspended bag into top-mounted cradle cups.

A SPOUT-LOCK clamp ring positioned on the top of a pneumatically actuated TELE-TUBE telescoping tube connects the spout's clean side to the equipment's clean side. Then, it lowers, maintaining steady downward tension on the bag as it empties and elongates, promoting material flow.

Concurrently, FLOW-FLEXER bag activators raise and lower opposite bottom edges at timed intervals to loosen compacted materials and ultimately raise the bag bottom into a steep "V" shape for total evacuation with no manual intervention. The enclosed hopper charges a Non-Flow-Through (flood feed) pick-up adapter that feeds vacuum conveyor lines.

Optionally, a Rotary Airlock Valve with a Flow-Through pick-up adapter for controlled metering into pressure and vacuum systems and spring-loaded POP-TOP frame posts that raise the cradle cups and stretch the bag as it lightens for added flow promotion. The unit is constructed of carbon steel with durable industrial finish or stainless steel finished to sanitary or industrial standards.