adapa has launched PaperTwister, paper-based wrap designed to work on highspeed packaging lines and has been certified as repulpable by the CEPI standard.  

PaperTwister is available in a range from 40 to 50 g/m2 papers and can be used as single or double twist as well as for folding applications. It is designed to run on the fastest twist wrappers on the market and performs on established lines as well as on high-speed packaging machines, according to the company. With an output of 2,300 pieces/min, the twist wrap, that is available in standard paper and metallized version, is designed to offer reliable performance.

The new fiber-based PaperTwister, with a paper content of 90% and a plant- based coating, has been certified by independent institutes as repulpable, according to the new CEPI (4EverGreen) and OPRL (CPI) standards. Following these standards, any new fiber-based packaging should be designed with circularity in mind.

The company says that besides a reliable deadfold, PaperTwister caters to sticky confectionery items with its easy-release feature that prevents products from clinging to the wrap. PaperTwister can be printed in a palette of up to eight colors.

"PaperTwister combines performance with sustainability and fits perfectly into our complete range of paper and plastic-based twist wraps for confectionery. We are proud to announce that our newest development has won over industry professionals: with PaperTwister we are shortlisted in the 'Innovation of the Year' category of the UK Packaging Awards 2023," Richard Bell, head of R&D Confectionery, Tea & Coffee and Home & Personal Care at adapa, says.