WECO and Multiscan Technologies, members of Duravant’s Food Sorting and Handling Solutions group, will exhibit together at the Global Produce and Floral Show, October 19-21, in booth #4527. Providing advanced optical sorting systems and other vision inspection solutions, WECO and Multiscan help customers manage product quality, improve yield, increase line throughput and reduce labor requirements.

WECO will present its Sortivator fresh-pack line at the show for cleaning and sorting blueberries. Each integrated line is customized for the customer’s application, incorporating systems for eliminating debris, removing soft fruit and sorting by color and/or by size, including “jumbo sizing” to remove larger fruit, if needed. Controlled from a single touchscreen control panel, the Sortivator fresh-pack line reportedly provides fast, gentle and effective blueberry sorting for big and small operations, whether the fruit is harvested mechanically or by hand.

Multiscan is showcasing its compact S30 optical sorter for cherry and grape tomatoes. Sorting the product by quality, color, size and shape, the S30 features SpinSort technology, which rotates each object 360 degrees for comprehensive inspection and thorough removal of target defects. Multiscan offers this solution in various configurations to suit the customer’s application and floor space requirements. By automating product sorting, the S30 maximizes line efficiency and minimizes labor while ensuring the product meets quality standards, states the company.