If you’ve ever wondered why we made it more difficult to find news about plant openings and expansions, you’re not alone: We wondered that, too. So, we’re introducing a new monthly eNewsletter that should make it much easier for you to find that news.

Plant Openings & Expansions was a monthly update compiling the latest news involving plant construction that ran in the magazine version of FOOD ENGINEERING for many years. That version was then converted for our online readers. Both formats were pretty popular, too. Month after month we saw it near the top of our content that got the most views. (Yes, we’re watching what you do and don’t pay attention to. Creepy, I know.) Many of the inclusions in that section were one or two sentences regarding the groundbreaking, opening or what have you. When the new editorial staff arrived, we thought that it might make more sense if we included more than just a few sentences and posted those individually on the site. We thought that learning more about each project would be more valuable. Ha! Were we wrong.

Running each story individually and including more about the plants on the site meant that each month meant more work if we were to roundup all that news to run it in the eMag. In our infinite wisdom, we decided that was too much reshuffling and that readers would be able to find the plant news in the eNewsletter. While that occasionally works (our most popular stories usually do include a news item about a plant opening or expansion), there was plenty of other plant news that didn’t make it into the newsletter. As such, the overall number of people seeing that plant news dropped.

We decided that we needed to fix that. As I mentioned earlier, we know how much you want to see news about plants. But we also learned that you’d like to have it in one place. So, we decided to create Food Plant Update, a new monthly eNewsletter that rounds up the latest announcements regarding food and beverage plant construction.

This should fix that interruption you’ve had regarding plant news. Enjoy the updates!