E Tech Group announced that the brand formerly known as E-Volve Systems has now been renamed as E Tech Group. 

Effective immediately, the brand formerly known as E-Volve Systems will operate under the name E Tech Group, unifying the two entities under one brand. The transition to the new name will be seamless for clients and partners. All existing commitments remain in place, ensuring continuity and stability, the company says.

“We’ve gained the ability to market and deliver large scale projects that may not have been available to us prior to the acquisition due to our size,” says Kevin Stout, previous E-Volve Systems founder and president and current vice president at E Tech Group. “We’ve also gained a tremendous network of team members whose skillsets seem to be limitless.”

E Tech Group's acquisition of E-Volve Systems was finalized on February 23, 2023. This move allowed E Tech Group to expand its range of services. The acquisition was a step toward integrating complementary strengths, consolidating market presence and fostering innovation in service delivery.

“The name change at this time is a formality as E-Volve Systems has been a part of the E Tech Group since late February 2023,” says Matt Wise, CEO of E Tech Group. “Their contributions have positioned E Tech Group to elevate its service offerings and reach with the added benefit of resources located throughout North America as well as a broader suite of services, allowing us to automate every facet of a facility, from process and discrete automation through cybersecurity and data intelligence services, leveraging a team of over 600 automation specialists.”