Johnsonville has acquired its longtime co-packer, Salm Partners. Salm Partners is based in Denmark, Wis., and produces fully cooked hot dogs and sausages at its two production plants. Financial details have not been released, but Salm Partners will remain its own entity with its current leadership and business model. 

“We welcome Johnsonville as our new owner,” says Salm President Keith Lindsey. “We look forward to a continued strong partnership and working together to grow the ready-to-eat sausage category, providing a path to growth for all our partners.”

As part of this acquisition, Johnsonville plans to close its Meadowside plant in Sheboygan County by the end of this year. The company has confirmed that all 390 employees at Meadowside will have a position through at least the end of June, and any who remain through June will receive a stay-on bonus. Johnsonville says it will also work to keep as many employees as possible in its Sheboygan Falls production facilities, Countryside and Riverside.

“While this acquisition is key to the long-term success of our RTE sausage business—and the larger fully cooked sausage category in general—it’s not lost on us how a plant closing is distressing for our members to hear,” says Johnsonville CEO Don Fussner. “We value their contributions and expertise, and we are working diligently to retain as many of our valued Members as we can in other roles here in Sheboygan Falls and across our manufacturing network.”

Source: WBAY