Kellanova, formerly known as Kellogg Company, announced that the maker of Cheez-It and Rice Krispies Treats is on track to reach its goal of creating a climate-positive future, including achieving 100% renewable electricity in global Kellanova-owned manufacturing facilities by the end of 2030. This step forward is part of Kellanova's Better Days Promise.

Kellanova-owned North America manufacturing operations will achieve 90% renewable electricity by the end of 2024 through a previously signed virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA), the company says. In 2021, the company signed a long-term wind energy VPPA in North America for approximately 360 gigawatt hours of wind electricity annually. The wind farm, located in north central Texas, adds clean energy resources to the community's local grid that is equal to 90% of the volume of electricity used across Kellanova's North American manufacturing facilities.*

"Today's announcement is a big step toward achieving our Better Days Promise goal of 100 percent renewable electricity across our global manufacturing facilities by the end of 2030," says Janelle Meyers, chief sustainability officer, Kellanova. "As a global food company, we have a significant role to play in helping to reduce reliance on limited energy sources across our value chain and creating a positive impact for people and the planet."

Globally, by the end of 2030 Kellanova aims to achieve 100% renewable electricity across owned manufacturing plants through a variety of programs, onsite, VPPAs and renewable energy certificates (RECs). The company says it has made significant progress to that end:

In Europe, Kellanova's manufacturing facilities have recently achieved 100% renewable electricity to address its operations through the purchase of RECs. Kellanova's European manufacturing facilities have been purchasing RECs since 2016. In addition, the company is in the early stages of a research program partnership with the UK government to establish the potential use of green hydrogen as an alternative to natural gas for Kellanova manufacturing facilities in the country.

In its Asia, Middle East and Africa region, Kellanova has grown the share of renewable electricity from 1% in 2018 to 33% in 2023 through a variety of solutions, such as the use of solar panels in our owned facilities in India, South Africa, Thailand and Malaysia.

In Latin America, Kellanova's facility in Colombia sources 100% renewable electricity through hydroelectric energy.

Kellanova measures greenhouse gas emissions and renewable electricity in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The company will report on 2024 progress against its Better Days Promise commitments in its social and environmental report, which will be issued in 2025.


*Kellanova North America manufacturing operations encompass facilities in the U.S., Canada and one facility in Mexico.