Fike Corp. announced that its explosion isolation flap valve, Fike DFI, is now available in stainless steel assemblies for sizes 4 in. to 32 in.

Fike has also expanded its sizes of DFI up to 40 in. to meet the needs of larger dust collectors or other industrial applications that horizontally convey organic dust. The latest stainless-steel execution is safe for use within food production and chemical plants to protect against rust, paint or other contaminants from entering the product, the company says.

DFI includes two flaps on a vertical center-bar hinge, which are held open by normal process flow. When a deflagration occurs, the pressure reverses the flow and closes the lightweight flaps into a locked position to contain the pressure and flames and protect upstream equipment. DFI is considered a “passive” explosion isolation valve because it is activated by the pressure itself and not activated with electronics.

“Because it is designed for installation in both vertical and horizontal orientations, protects against a wide range of combustible dust hazards, and is now available in stainless steel, Fike DFI is suitable for most industrial applications when passive isolation explosion protection is achievable,” says Jim Vingerhoets, Fike global product manager, explosion protection.