A new deal inked by bulk materials specialist SRO Technology will see the return of Ramsey bulk-weighing and inventory control products to the market. After being discontinued in mid-2023, Ramsey’s technical product line will make a comeback in 2024, following SRO Technology’s acquisition of the brand from Thermo-Fisher.

SRO Technology Managing Director Nick Bamford says the acquisition was an exciting day for SRO and the industries it serves. “Bringing back Ramsey means proven and reliable products will once again be available for sites across the globe,” he says. “Ramsey products are used everywhere—from the biggest mining sites, right down to small, local food processing businesses. Companies, regardless of their size or operating turnover, need trustworthy equipment, which is what Ramsey has delivered for more than 60 years.

“When Ramsey products were discontinued, we knew there was an opportunity to seize because this brand is the most trusted and revered in our industry.”

As the new custodians of Ramsey, SRO says it will work to reinvigorate the Ramsey supply chain, focusing first on the integration of the brand within the SRO business. With countless Ramsey products already in operation globally, demand is expected to be high.

“Ramsey has over 30 bulk-weighing and inventory control products, including the most widely certified belt scale in the world. They are highly sought after by the mining, agriculture, food processing and waste recycling industries,” Bamford says. “We anticipate many domestic and international industry partners will be lining up to purchase the equipment, and we are committed to working with everyone to ensure they have access to the products they need.”

Work is already underway to re-establish and improve the supply chain and some products are available for purchase now. Companies who would like to make an order are encouraged to reach out directly to SRO.