Dorner and Garvey are launching the AquaGard GT Stainless Steel conveyor. 

This line combines the conveyance expertise of both brands to offer a platform that integrates with accumulation systems and other machinery to create a fully automated processing line for bottling, canning and food processing applications.

The AquaGard GT merges the strengths of Garvey’s GT Series conveyor with Dorner’s AquaGard 7100 Series sanitary stainless steel conveyor. The AquaGard GT is an infeed and outfeed conveyor ideal for accumulation-type applications to prevent bottlenecks in industries such as packaging, bottling, dry food processing and part handling. All components (except motors) are either stainless steel or FDA-approved plastics, which are ideal for operating in environments that require wipe-down or occasional washdown cleanings of the conveyor. 

The AquaGard GT conveyor system is designed to be as simple as possible, ensuring reliability. These conveyors are engineered for flexibility and can be inserted virtually anywhere in the system, making line expansions or complete changeovers fast and efficient. With a 10-day lead time, conveyors can be custom engineered and shipped out quickly to minimize downtime and get a production line up and running in no time. 

The AquaGard GT conveyor is a versatile solution suitable for an array of applications across a wide variety of industries. Primarily designed for packaged good transport, its construction and advanced engineering ensure seamless movement of goods with precision and reliability. Its seamless integration extends to end-of-line packaging and palletizers, where it ensures smooth transitions and optimized throughput, enhancing overall operational efficiency. 

The AquaGard GT integrates features such as powered transfer units, flush side tails and pre-engineered transfer modules, among others.