ONExia has debuted the UR30 collaborative robot arm at Pack Expo East 2024.

The UR30 collaborative robot arm represents an advancement in palletizing technology, offering higher capacity and enhanced flexibility for a range of palletizing applications.

The UR30 collaborative robot arm assists in automating the palletizing of cases, totes, buckets and bags. Its increased payload capacity opens opportunities for businesses seeking to streamline their operations and improve productivity.

Key features of the UR30 collaborative robot arm include:

  • Higher payload capacity for handling heavier loads with ease.
  • Enhanced flexibility to adapt to diverse palletizing requirements.
  • Seamless integration with ONExia's PalletizUR base
  • Utilization of ONExia's palletizing software for intuitive programming and operation

"We are thrilled to have one of the first UR30 collaborative robot arms at Pack Expo East 2024," saGrys eg Selke, CEO at ONExia. "With its increased payload capabilities and seamless integration with our PalletizUR platform, the UR30 represents a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their palletizing processes and drive operational efficiency."