Leybold has added a new model to its CLAWVAC dry claw vacuum pump series – the CLAWVAC CP B.

This rough vacuum pump is designed for robust processes including food processing, materials handling and environmental industries. The CLAWVAC CP B’s product features allow for precise operation under harsh conditions and especially for processes involving particles, vapors and contaminated gases. The CLAWVAC B features a pair of stainless steel claws that rotate in the cylinder with no contact or wear. Its coated and corrosion-resistant vacuum chamber is easy to clean.

“We've designed this pump with a separate gearbox to prevent oil contamination of the processes,” says Tanvi Hulawale, product manager for rough vacuum, Leybold. “The cooling of the CLAWVAC also contributes to extended operating times. Thanks to its modular design, end customers can quickly dismantle and clean the scoop chamber and silencer themselves with no outside help. It's also easy to remove layers and flush the inside of the pump.”

CLAWVAC’s design ensures that individual parts can be replaced quickly when necessary, since users have easy access to all surfaces that come into contact with the media. The housing and claws, for example, can be disassembled with no need to readjust the gear control afterwards. The silencer not only reduces the noise level but also ensures that the condensate is drained off through the drain opening.

Overall, the CLAWVAC B ensures short downtimes and long service intervals – 20,000 hours between oil changes and up to 48,000 hours between general overhauls.

CLAWVAC B can be equipped with accessories like flushing kits, liquid separators and inlet filters. Flushing kits, when attached to the pump, clean the pump with external flushing agents. A liquid separator is the best choice for applications with high water content. Inlet filters are an important accessory in all applications to prevent pump damage from unexpected debris and dust. The inlet filter kits come as an “all in one” solution for customers to directly assemble the filters on the pump.