Ateeco, Inc., the manufacturer of Mrs. T's frozen pierogis based in Shendoah, Penn., helped Douglas Machines Corp. develop a new product which has emerged as a successful extension to the Douglas line of washing and sanitizing systems.

Ateeco Sanitation Manager Frank Kass wanted to replace two aged rotary washers for cleaning pans, pails and buckets. Douglas quoted several different pan-washing systems, but no standard model fit Ateeco's needs. Kass expressed preference for a rotary batch design, which was not in the Douglas lineup "but was on our new-product development schedule, so we thought it was an excellent opportunity to expedite development with the input and experience of an end user," says Douglas vice president Kevin Lemen.

Based on Kass' specifications, Douglas designed and built two Rotary Batch Washers which were installed during June, 2000, in Ateeco's plants at Shenandoah and East Greenville, Penn. The design found wide application among other customers, and the original 20-pan capacity RBW-50 model has since been joined by the larger RBW-74 with capacity for 32 sheet pans.

Douglas Rotary Batch Washers wash and sanitize bakery pans, totes, utensils, baskets, buckets and totes commonly used in many food plants. Turntable racks vary in configuration for the application. The machines feature all stainless-steel construction, compact footprint, space-saving lift-up door and recirculating wash tank heated by electricity, gas, live steam or steam coil. Carousel design rotates pans or utensils through fixed water jets delivering a detergent wash and sanitizing rinse at pressures up to 50 psi.