Knockout door for low ceilings

TKO Doors now offers their XLT track design that fits within headroom as tight as 18 inches. This new design track overcomes the challenge of guiding the door along the ceiling by providing a double groove radius and horizontal track. A trolley system located above the door transmits lifting and lowering power, either with manual chain hoist or push button actuated operator. Doorways that have low headroom are typically in older facilities, in areas leading to dumpsters and locations with ceiling-mounted compressors or heaters.

TKO Doors, N56 W24701 Corporate Cr., Sussex, WI 53089. Tel. 800-575-3366; Product 301

Wall panels

Mapes Industries manufactures a complete line of metal faced laminated wall panels that are the ideal solution for sanitary food requirements. The unique vitreous porcelain finish can be applied to both steel and aluminum to provide the most durable, germ free surface that can withstand daily cleaning and is available in almost any color imaginable. This virtually indestructible glass finish can be laminated to many substrates including gypsum board, hardboard and cement board.

Mapes Industries, Inc., 2929 Cornhusker Hwy., Lincoln, NE 68501. Tel. 800-228-2391; fax 800-737-6756; Product 302

High-speed roll door

The Clean-Roll's stainless steel construction makes wash down easy. Removable side columns, pitched run-off trough on the stainless steel bottom bar, and USDA and FDA compliant, urethane-coated panel material help make this door ideal for processing applications. Its fast operating speed (32-in. per second) helps to eliminate warm air infiltration as well as minimize the spread of airborne pathogens - both are critical in food processing.

Rytec Corporation, One Cedar Pkwy., Jackson, WI 53037-0403. Tel. (262) 677-9046; fax (262) 677-2058; Product 303

Fabric curtain door system

Designed for high traffic applications, FabriCoil can withstand incidental collisions against the door fabric and bottom bar and guards against damage by giving-way on impact. FabriCoil is available in vinyl or urethane curtains to suit any application, and a clear vinyl vision panel in the door helps prevent accidents. Structural steel angle curtain guides, a sturdy barrel and shaft and the 24-gauge, full curtain hood ensure maximum structural integrity. The integral rigid aluminum wind beam is made to withstand winds greater than 30 mph. The FabriCoil E-Z Reset feature returns the door to operation within seconds to reduce down time.

Raynor Garage Doors, 1101 East River Rd., Dixon, IL 61021-0448. Tel. 800-472-9667; www.raynor.com_ Product 304

Impact traffic doors

To help meet the demanding federal regulations for food safety, Chase Doors has redesigned their patented Durulite Impact Traffic Doors and ThermaGard Cold Storage Doors to gain NSF certification. NSF is known for its role in developing standards and criteria for equipment, products and services that impact public health issues. By design, the Durulite Standard and Retailer Doors conform to the stringent NSF standards. The Durulite Doors are rotationally molded from cross-linked polyethylene, so the panels will never chip or need painting. The ThermaGard also meets the same high standards of sanitation along with the convenience and space savings of a sliding cold storage door. The ThermaGard operates on the EasyRoll enclosed overhead track system that utilizes nylon rollers with sealed stainless bearings. This design acts as a hood, offering a clean look and prevents dirt, spilled food and other buildup from gathering on the track or top of the door.

Chase Industries Inc., 10021 Commerce Park Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45246. Tel. 800-543-4455; fax 800-245-7045; Product 307

High-performance doors

Albany Door Systems manufactures a line of high performance doors specifically for the food and cold storage industry. Our high-speed doors are designed for maximum safety and productivity in high traffic environments. Albany doors save money on energy cost by opening and closing at super fast speeds up to 100-in. per second, avoiding energy loss, drafts, and maintaining consistent room climates. Our Rapid Roll Model 355 is one of the safest high-speed doors on the market. The transparent door curtain material provides excellent visibility, which ensures maximum safety for pedestrians and machinery operators. The Contactless Safety EdgeT also helps minimize collisions by using a laser-guided sensor under the bottom beam of the door. Albany high speed doors have many features and options to meet the particular requirements of the food industry: including stainless steel, wash down capability, tight seals, air circulation systems and self repairing technology if the door is hit.

Albany Door Systems, 975-A Old Norcross Rd., Lawrenceville, GA 30245-4321. Tel 800-252-2691; fax (770) 338-5024; Product 308

Insulated doors

Hercules energy efficient insulated doors are featured in a 12-page brochure detailing their availability for cold storage, freezer and custom design applications. Standard designs include sliding, infitting, overhead, bi-fold, vertical lift, double batten, and pneumatic. Hercules Doors feature a full 7-year warranty, and provide a complete choice of cladding options as well as manual, electric and hydraulic power operation.

Aluma Shield Industries Inc., 405 Fentress Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114-1207. Tel (904) 255-5391 Product 310

Translucent insulated doors

These translucent insulated overhead doors for industrial, institutional, government and residential buildings eliminate cold, dark areas by transmitting up to 76percent visible light while maintaining privacy. Doors are custom-fabricated from high-performance 16 mm triplewall polycarbonate structured sheet in 6063-T5 aluminum framing. Duo-Doors provide complete overhead door systems for factories and warehouses, with shatterproof yet lightweight panels.

Duo-Gard Industries Inc., 40442 Koppernick Rd., Canton, OH 48187. Tel. (734) 207-9700; fax (734) 207-7995; Product 311

Wall bracket

Remco's new wall bracket offers you a way to protect your investment in cleaning tools. Made from co-injection molded polymer, the one-piece bracket protrudes away from the wall for sanitary drying and hygienic storage. With the bracket's capability to accommodate any product and your ability to expand the bracket's length, this product is flexible to your specific needs. The Wall Bracket comes in five colors, and is part of the Vikan Hygiene System, recognized for quality worldwide.

Remco Products, 4735 W. 106th St., Zionsville, IN 46077. Tel. (317) 876-9856; fax (317) 876-9858; Product 219

VHO fluorescent lamps

Shat-R-Shield will offer shatter-resistant VHO fluorescent lamps in three types: VHO/TSC, VHO/LT/TSC and VHO/LT/Jacketed. VHO lamps operate at higher wattages, burn at higher temperatures and emit up to 2.5 times as much light as regular fluorescent lamps. Until now, protective-type VHO lamps have been inadequate at truly providing safety. The plastics used in the past were unable to withstand the high temperatures, especially at the cathode ends of a VHO lamp. The plastic became brittle, burned and cracked, leaving the protective covering inadequate to contain the glass, phosphors and mercury if the lamp was ever broken. Shat-R-Shield's VHO/TSC and VHO/LT/TSC type lamps use a patented TSC (TEFLON/Shat-R-Kote Combination) plastic coating process. They are safe and shatter-resistant, because this plastic combination can reliably withstand the extreme temperature emitted by a VHO fluorescent lamp.

Shat-R-Shield, Inc., 116 Ryan Patrick Dr., Salisbury, NC 28147. Tel. 800-223-0853; Product 226

Color vision sensor

DVT Corp., who invented the "smart camera" over ten years ago, has introduced the industry's first color machine vision sensor, the DVT Legend 540C SmartImage Sensor. DVT's newest SmartImage Sensor, the Legend 540C, represents the industry's first Ethernet-ready vision sensor with color capability. The 540C is designed to perform a multitude of color inspections in a diverse group of industries. It can be used in the packaging industry to inspect print and decorations in full color and in food processing it can be used to verify color of fruits and vegetables. Other uses include finding color defects, finding and measuring print register errors and monitoring the consistency of color and measuring its variation. Color SmartImage Sensors can quickly and easily be added, by end-users and OEMs alike, to any point on the manufacturing line where color inspection is required, for thousands of dollars less than traditional color inspection systems.

DVT Corp., 1670 Oakbrook Dr., Ste 330, Norcross, Ga. 30093. Tel. (770) 449-4960; fax (770) 449-3073;

Product 225

36-pan capacity

For serious washing requirements, consider the Douglas Model SD-36. This large volume workhorse features a convenient split door design and a generous 36-pan capacity. An innovative racking system provides maximum flexibility when cleaning similar or dissimilar items in the same load. And due to its extra wide cabinet size, the SD-36 has the unique ability to wash and sanitize your single baking or storage racks. It also features the company's newest innovations including a push button control and information center that incorporates a digital display to monitor key performance functions and oscillating wash arms that travel back and forth across the wash chamber to increase cleaning effectiveness. With a 15 H.P. pump and an average wash/rinse cycle of just 5 minutes, clean up is quick and economical.

Douglas Machines Corp., 2101 Calumet St., Clearwater, FL 33765. Tel. (727) 461-3477 or (800) 331-6870; fax (747) 449-0029; Product 228

SimPro Controls' SimLink system now offers remote control and monitoring capabilities for single-loop flow control applications. Now, a simple and economical solution is available for processes that previously may not have been considered candidates for automation. At the heart of the system is the SimLink-SC1 single-loop controller, providing easily programmable, pre-packaged automation. Monitoring and control can be performed using the in-house SimLink-PC software and either hardwired or wireless controller communications. In addition, direct infrared communication with each controller offers the same level of control on the plant floor using SimPro's SimLink-IR PDA software. The SimLink system provides global access to single-loop processes by connecting a network of controllers to SimPro's SimLink-IC device. This device gathers status information from any attached controllers and uploads them over the Internet. SimPro's secure website displays the available remote plant information to the subscriber and allows commands to be sent to individual controllers. An additional option allows cameras to be connected to the SimLink-IC device for remote visual monitoring capabilities. The SimLink control system represents a true application breakthrough, with its simple installation and software applications, variety of communications options, and secure Internet accessibility. SimPro Controls designs and manufactures simple process control solutions consisting of both hardware and software components. SimPro Controls - Simple process, smart solution.

SimPro Controls, LLC, 528 Route 13 South, Ste. 160, Milford, NH 03055. Tel. (603) 249-9090; fax (603) 249-9091; Product 215

Centrum blender

The new Centrum Blender incorporates a unique conical-shaped agitator design combining helical ribbon and screw designs. The agitator is mounted vertically and rotates at close clearance to the conical vessel walls. Materials being mixed are moved in axial and radial directions by the agitator. The outer helix moves materials from the walls up and the screw moves materials from the bottom to the top of the vessel. This combination results in a short mix cycle at much lower cost when compared to conventional vertical blender designs. The cone design helps to insure a complete discharge of all materials.

Charles Ross and Son Co., PO Box 12308, Hauppauge, NY 11788. Tel: (800) 243-ROSS; fax (631) 234-0691; www.

Product 227

Mixproof valve

The modular, flexible Unique Mixproof Valve, coupled with ThinkTop, the most advanced control unit in the industry is now available from Alfa Laval to help improve processors' fluid handling systems. With a wide range of combinations, the Unique Mixproof Valve fulfills all processing needs. Along with ThinkTop, now compatible with DeviceNet, Alfa Laval offers the most advanced, modular and flexible mixproof solutions in the industry. DeviceNet is an open standardized fieldbus network system, where the interface is an integrated part of the state-of-the-art ThinkTop sensor technology. Besides the basic concept of the top unit, the DeviceNet version supports additional tools and parameters to be used for classification of preventive maintenance periods.

Alfa Laval Inc., 5400 International Trade Dr., Richmond, VA 23231. Tel. (804) 236-1298; Product 211

Toll drying

PCS has two pulse combustion dryers available for toll drying, with water evaporation rates of 40 and 400 lbs per hour. Pulse drying uses gas dynamic atomization, which instantly atomizes and dries the feed material without mechanical shear, resulting in higher quality powders. Different configurations are available to optimize powder characteristics such as nutrient viability, particle size, texture and flavor. The PCS spray dryer has been successfully tested with all kinds of food and dairy products, nutraceuticals, minerals and chemicals. It is ideally suited for drying heat/shear sensitive or abrasive materials.

Pulse Combustion Systems, 135 Eye Street, Ste. B, San Rafael, CA 94901. Tel. (415) 435-4225;

Product 214

Spray retorts

Building on the worldwide success of Marlen's "T" Series of MAP machines, the CR-250 represents the "next generation" of MAP equipment. Significant features of the new model include its compact, space-saving footprint, a straight line product flow into and out or the machine, a patented fully-automated loading system, individually monitored sealing heads that are easily removed for cleaning, and a patented sealing alignment system that can seal both narrow and wide flange trays. In addition, operators of the CR-250 can perform fast, effortless tray changeovers without having to use hand tools by utilizing pre-programmed setups. Capable of funning at speeds up to 60 packages per minute, the CR-250 is the ideal model for medium and large-sized processors who are seeking to improve their current production quality and efficiency with the most reliable MAP equipment available.

Marlen Research Corp., 9202 Barton St., Overland Park, KS 66214. Tel. (913) 888-3333; fax (913) 888-6440.

Product 217

Detect missing items

Loma Systems, Inc. announces new software capability for its AXIS X-ray inspection equipment. In additional to finding contaminants, AXIS is now capable of detecting missing or broken items and incorrectly filled packages. The software has been designed for packaged products containing discrete items by measuring weights and densities in various locations with a closed package. It offers significant advantages to traditional measure equipment, such as checkweighers or vision technology, because it measures each item or quadrant individually and within a finished package. Measuring for total weight can be misleading because overweight individual pieces or quadrants can compensate for a missing piece and produce a false accurate piece count read.

Loma Systems, Inc., 283 E. Lies Rd., Carol Stream, IL 60188. Tel. (630) 681-2050; fax (630) 588-1394;

Product 212

Plastic conveyor belting

The EZ Clean family of plastic conveyor belting from Ashworth is designed specifically for rapid and thorough in-plant sanitation, strength and impact resistance. The modular construction of EZ Clean belts minimizes downtime for repairs, thus lowering operating costs and increasing productivity. The are easy to install, and are a drop-in replacement for most belts in use in poultry processing, bakery, and snack food manufacturing plants. To meet HACCP standards and eliminate pathogen danger zones, Ashworth's EZ Clean plastic conveyor belting has several sanitation advantages: special cleaning channels, a more open hinge area, and rounded edges that enhance cleanability and discourage product trapping. Cleaning channels allow for easier cleaning of the sprocket engagement area. The larger, more open hinge allows access to the rod area making it easier to flush food particles out of the belt. Rounded hinge edges reduce build-up points that are potential pathogen growth zones.

Ashworth Bros. Inc., 450 Armour Dale, Winchester, VA 22601. Tel. (540) 662-3494; fax (540) 662-3150;

Product 220

Double profile seaming rolls

Angelus has designed a new set of seaming rolls for their "P" Model can seamers. These new seaming rolls, for first and second operation seaming assemblies, have an identical groove-profile on each end. This double profile feature enables a processor to simply turn the seaming roll over to double its wear life. A unique pin is another innovative feature that allows for a quick setup, without needing to add shims to adjust the seaming rolls. These new seaming rolls use stainless-steel ball bearings for better resistance to corrosion. The integrated lubrication feature ensures consistent, smooth operation throughout the seaming process. Angelus is backing their new double profile seaming rolls with a performance guarantee. The seaming rolls can be returned within 60 days of purchase for a full credit if the buyer is not completely satisfied.

Angelus Sanitary Can Co., Los Angeles, CA. Tel. (323) 283-2171. Product 213

Communications platform

Ecolab's Pest Elimination Division introduced the new estat communications platform that brings its quality service to yet another level. One component of the platform is the new estat communicator, which allows our service specialists to capture service information electronically and print out a service report on the spot. Customers receive a computer-printed copy of this report to file away for quick retrieval later. The estat Pest reporting system also features an electronic archival capability as all information is transmitted daily to a central database. This ensures immediate access to historical service information. The estat communicator is just one of several advances on the horizon from Pest Elimination that will enable Ecolab to strengthen its leadership position in the areas of food safety and brand protection.

Ecolab Inc., Ecolab Center, St. Paul, MN 55102. Tel. 800-FACT-ECL; Product 222

Epoxy mortar

Tigerfreeze is an epoxy mortar that won't crack, shrink or lose its bond when applied in cold temperatures. Tigerfreeze has excellent flexibility, impact and chemical resistant properties. Tigerfreeze is a 100 percent solids, three component epoxy mortar designed for application in temperatures below freezing. It sets up quickly for rapid repairs in normal temperatures, reducing downtime and saving money. Tigerfreeze is ideally suited for use in cold storage areas, freezers, walkways, support bases for tanks, food processing, beverage, and brewing plants since it will resist the chemical abuse and heavy traffic inherent to these areas.

Garon Products Inc., P.O. Box 1924, Wall, NJ 07719-5380. Tel. 800-631-5380; fax (732) 449-6937;

Products 218

Drag chain pallet conveyor

Rugged construction, triple-chain drive and easy-install modular design make Alba Manufacutring's drag chain pallet conveyor a strong winner for reliable heavy-pallet conveying for the beverage industry. Build bulldog-tough to withstand jarring fork truck unloads, Alba's triple-drag chain conveyor is sturdily engineered to ensure trouble-free, high throughput transfer of two-ton loads from palletizer to shipping dock. The drag chain conveyor system installs in modular units, equipped with up to four easy-access motors and fear drives that each powers its own set of three heavy-duty double 80 chains. Hardened steel guides keep the draft chains aligned as they pull pallets at 65 f/min, yielding high throughput rates (depending on fork truck unload capability). Ordered with optional photoeye sensors enclosed in sturdy protective mounting brackets, each conveyor unit can stage four 4,000-lb. pallets, permitting efficient two-at-a-time fork truck unloads. Rugged transition end rollers ensure seamless pallet transfer from on econveyor unit to the next.

Alba Manufacturing Inc., 19 Kiesland Ct., Hamilton, OH 45015. Tel. (513) 874-0551; Product 221

Orbital weld heads

This series of orbital weld heads can weld tube or thin pipe through the range of 0.093-in. to 7.500-in. Arc Machines' Model 9 weld heads incorporate a two-sided clamping mechanism. An independent set of clamps on each side of the weldhead holds the tubes or fittings in line, butted together and ready to be welded eliminating the need for pre-tracking. The Model 9 orbital weld heads are adaptable to industries such as food, dairy, pharmaceutical, heat exchanger and nuclear.

Arc Machines Inc., 10500 Orbital Way, Pacoima, CA 91343. Product 210

Business-wide reporting

Ci Technologies Inc. has just announced Plant2Business Solutions - an industrial strength information management system that allows users to manage and transfer plant or industrial process data throughout their entire business organizations using open-technologies and pre-integrated solutions, says Frank Volckmar, Vice President, Sales and Marketing. Plant2Business provides visualization of plant floor data throughput the entire business organization, over the Internet, as well as highly reliable and powerful data mapping between different business applications and process control monitoring systems, without requiring custom code.

Ci Technologies Inc., Ste. 140, 4828 Parkway Plaza Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28217-1958. Tel. (704) 329-3838; fax: (704) 329-3839; Product 230