Designated as Type MbN, the Series 2000 Helical Shaft Mounted Gearmotors and Speed Reducers have been available in a number of configurations in five frame sizes, with output torque up to (a maximum of) 27,000 in/lbs, and ratios from 4 to 6,300:1. A new larger frame size is a valuable addition to the product line, available from stock assemblies. Specifications include: output torque 44,000 in/lbs; input power up to 50 HP; gearmotors available to 50 HP, 320 T frame; input C-face available up to 326 TC frame; and it is available in Type OOC hollow bore, 40C face mount, 50C flange mount and output taper bushing OOB. Emerson Power Transmission, Maysville, KY 41056. Tel. (606) 564-2003; fax (606) 564-2239;
Product 233