eMerge Interactive, Inc., a Sebastion, Fla.- based company providing individual-animal tracking, food safety and supply-procurement services to the beef industry, has overcome the final hurdle in demonstrating the efficacy of its VerifEYE™ meat inspection system, according to Scott Mathews, eMerge’s President and CEO. The system is designed to detect traces of the organic contamination that can harbor bacteria such as E. coli 0157:H7.

Recent trials conducted at Iowa State University’s Department of Chemistry demonstrated VerifEYE’s ability to detect contamination regardless of the origin of the cattle or their feeding regimens.

“Iowa State examined dozens of field samples from cattle-feeding operations across the U.S.,” Mathews said. VerifEYE was able to detect, with 100% accuracy, even very low-amplitude signals.”

Excel Corporation has agreed to integrate eMerge’s VerifEYE meat inspection system into its beef operations to finalize specification for commercialization. As the VerifEYE system approaches the final design stage, Iowa State will wrap up its study by looking for seasonal variations in the feed regimens as they relate to the system’s performance. eMerge has also launched trials to assess VerifEYE’s potential for the pork industry.

For more information, e-mail: info@emegeinteractive.com.