Discharge system

AccuRate's SacMaster is a bulk bag discharge system featuring bag tensioning, hoist or forklift loading, height adjustability and a Posi-Flow agitation system. It is ideal for discharging titanium dioxide, sugar, calcium carbonate, cocoa powder and other bulk materials, according to the company. Load cells for loss-of-weight batching applications are optionally available.


Height restricted discharger

Manufactured out of stainless steel, the container discharger from National Bulk Equipment offers a 7,000-lb. capacity. Once the container is placed into the bucket of the discharger, it is automatically raised and rotated 150 degrees to a 147-in. high discharge position. NBE says its Rotolink 180 3-bar mechanical linkage design provides a balanced, continuous speed throughout the rotation.


Bulk solids pump feeder

Two new models expand K-Tron's bulk solid pump feeder line. The BSP-135 feeds from 0.8 to 155 cu. ft./hr. using four discs to create three feeding ducts. It features an aluminum body and uses a stepper motor. The BSP-150P feeds from 1.6 to 318 cu. ft./hr. using six discs to create five feeding ducts. It has a plastic feeder body constructed of carbon reinforced PBT and uses a DC motor.


Bulk bag unloader

Designed to provide an efficient and continuous discharge of material from bulk bags, the variable flow rate bulk bag unloader from Vibra Screw can regulate or stop material flow without a separate feeder or conveyor. Vibra Screw says this reduces cost, overall system height and design complication. The unit can be run volumetrically or equipped with load cells for precision batching by weight.

Vibra Screw;

Rotor detection system

Engineered for plants that process products like infant formulas and powder drink mixes, the Nu-Con rotor detection system (RDS) alerts plant operators when metal-to-metal contact has occurred. The RDS monitors the electrical isolation between the rotor and the valve housing. If a rotor vane touches the valve body, a warning is sent to personnel via the plant SCADA system and/or the valve is immediately shut down.

Nu-Con Equipment;

Air-lift device

Circular, vibratory fluid bed dryers, coolers and moisturizers from Kason are available with an air-lift device that allows rapid disassembly, cleaning and inspection of the fluid bed processing chamber. The interior of the unit is easily accessed for washdown by loosening one clamp ring assembly that connects top and bottom housing sections, then activating the air-lift device to raise the upper section. Kason says one operator can now perform what was previously a two-person task, depending on the diameter of the unit.


Vacuum cleaner system

Engineered to be used by up to three operators at one time, model 1041-8.5 central vacuum cleaner system from Vac-U-Max has a large area cartridge filter with a PTFE coating for handling fine powders. It features manual push-button pulse filter cleaning; a roll-away 55-gal. collection drum with dolly; a unique lifting frame with hydraulic jack; and a quiet, 8.5 HP regenerative blower.


Fluid bed dryers

Ventilex offers fluid bed dryers designed with the entire dryer as a part of product conveyance. The amplitude of the movement remains constant while the frequency can be varied over a wide range according to the required transport speed. Ventilex says this allows for accurate adjustment of drying times. The Ventilex dryers also offer combined fluidized and sub-fluidized techniques to condition a variety of products and provide residence times of up to two hours with minimal spread.

Ventilex USA;

Reduction equipment

Designed for dried foods, Modern Process Equipment's IMD8 Gran-U-Lizer virtually eliminates the creation of fines and provides a uniform particle size, according to the company. The unit uses a roller-style grinding method to improve yield, reduce waste and, in many cases, eliminate downstream classification systems. Common applications include pepper, candy, breadcrumbs, nuts and dried spices.

Modern Process Equipment;

Rotary delumper

Hapman provides a rotary delumper with its low profile, forklift-style bulk bag unloader to turn softball size lumps into free-flowing material. The company also offers an automatic bag agitation paddle system, a rod-style pinch valve, self-contained dust collection and a Helix flexible screw conveyor. Together, the products offer accurate batch weights of consistent material while controlling dust, according to Hapman.