Bag dump stations

Constructed of 304 stainless steel, Airlanco's bag dump stations consist of a large hopper topped by a bar grate and hinged door, an integral pulse jet filtration unit equipped with polyester cartridge filters, and a 2-hp, 865-cfm fan. When the hopper's door is opened, the fan starts to draw through the filter. Programmable pulses of reverse air periodically dislodge material that collects on the cartridge filters' surfaces and allow it to fall in the collection hopper. The sloped sides of the hopper are angled toward the hopper's discharge port, which can be joined to gravity-fed spouting or to an airlock and pneumatic line.

Airlanco; 800-500-9777;

Bulk bag unloaders

Bulk bag unloaders from Cyclonaire are designed to be customized for safe handling and clean unloading of any free-flowing dry material in bags. They support all sizes and styles of bulk bags and unload them without slippage or spills, according to the manufacturer. The units' frames are constructed of heavy-duty welded and bolted tubular steel. Custom options such as load cells for batching, motorized hoist and integral and remote dust collection are also available.

Cyclonaire Corp.; 800-445-0730;

FIBC filling system

The PowerFill FIBC filling system features the first horizontal pivoting and rotating bag fill carriage, according to Material Transfer, its manufacturer. The bag support carriage and fill head lower to a programmed operator height, extend toward the operator, then rotate for a reach-free bag strap and bag spout connection. The unit includes touch-screen controls for efficient operation.

Material Transfer; 800-836-7068;

Centrifugal bag dump screener

Kason says its low profile Centri-Sifter centrifugal screener with integral bag dump station removes oversized contaminants and de-lumps manually dumped bulk materials. Configured for installation on a mezzanine, the system gravity discharges into process equipment and affords a sufficiently low deck height for operators to dump sacks and other containers. It is constructed of stainless steel and offered with an integral dust collector to protect the operator and plant environment against dust contamination.

Kason; 973-467-8140;

Bulk solids pump feeders

K-Tron introduces two new bulk solid pump feeders-BSP-135 and BSP-150P. The feeders provide gentle precise feeding of free-flowing pellets, granules, flakes, powders and friable products, according to the company. The BSP-135 features three feeding ducts, offering a feed rate range to 155 cu. ft./hr. The BSP-150 has five feeding ducts and can feed from 1.8 to 318 cu. ft./hr. It has a plastic feeder body constructed of carbon reinforced PBT for strength and durability.

K-Tron; 856-589-0500;

Solids flow feeder

Engineered to meet stringent sanitary levels, Schenck AccuRate's SolidsFlow feeder is manufactured with welds, radii, seals, surface finishes and gaskets that are USDA compliant. The feeder has no moving parts, making it ideal for metering easily damaged or friable materials like breakfast cereals, nuts and marshmallows. The SolidsFlow louvered vibratory feeder is offered in volumetric and gravimetric models with feed rates up to 350 cu. ft. per hour.

Schenck AccuRate; 800-394-2941;

Dumper with folding frame

A lift and dump drum dumper from Material Transfer features a compact, folding frame design with fork pockets, which allows the unit to be moved through crowded plants or shipped on a cargo plane. A Lift & Seal System hydraulically seals the drum to the discharge cone for dust-tight operation, while a 60-degree discharge angle and cone vibrator promote discharge of non-free flowing materials.

Material Transfer; 800-836-7068;

Waste recycler

The Grand Slam waste recycler from Stedman is designed to size hundreds of materials and agglomerated wastes into uniform particle sizes. The unit can handle up to 100 tons of dry and fibrous or wet and sticky material per hour and is appropriate for applications such as bakery waste for animal feed supplement, chicken rendering and meat meal. According to Stedman, the recycler's benefits include: adjustable product control, four-turn shredder bars, rotor lock and hydraulic housing actuation, and one-piece grate bar assemblies.

Stedman; 800-262-5401;

Helix conveyor

Hapman offers a 3A accepted helix conveyor with built-in hopper de-lumper and hi/lo portable base. The de-lumper is designed to be removed quickly after cleaning, reduce material size, and eliminate bridging of oversized material prior to entering the inlet of the conveyor screw. Hapman says the conveyor's hi/lo design allows quick access to all mechanical aspects and no special tools are required.

Hapman; 800-427-6260;

Coffee granulizer

MPE's IMD 99 granulizer features total automation with touch-screen recipe selection. The unit is designed to control coffee grind size, temperature, density and rate to exact standards, resulting in 9,000 lbs./hr., 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week production. Each modular grinding section is driven by its own motor (up to 20 HP) and high torque belt, which allows for stacking up to three grinding sections. Machined rolls provide precise roll nip tolerances and independent drive motor and high torque drive belt drives allow higher roll speeds and capacities with increased efficiencies, says MPE.

Modern Process Equipment (MPE); 773-254-3929;

Air classifier

Pelletron says its air classifier separates and removes unwanted contaminants in dry, granular foods. Constructed of sanitary stainless steel, the smallest unit is designed for a flow rate of 100 lbs./hr., while the largest until can handle up to 200,000 lbs./hr. A front window allows the operator to watch the cleaning process in action. The unit has a very low height, allowing it to fit well into existing processes, according to Pelletron.

Pelletron Corp.; 717-293-4008;

Divert valve

Nu-Con Equipment's divert valve is designed for precise tolerances, in-line cleaning, fast tool-free disassembly and air-controlled operation. In the non-divert position, a rotating assembly inside the valve is turned so air and material passes straight through unrestricted. In the divert position, the rotating assembly is turned so air and material entering the valve are directed downwards by the diversion paddle. Cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel models are available.

Nu-Con Equipment; 952-279-5210;

Bag unloader

A bulk bag unloader with bag conditioning is available from NBE. It breaks up and delivers severely agglomerated material into customer supplied vertical form, fill and seal equipment. Using NBE's deblocking ram, the machine can reduce material from a single 2,000 lb. lump to sizes that will pass through the bag's discharge spout.


Rotary valve

IEDCO batching systems use the MEI rotary valve, which operates by reciprocating back and forth through 180 degrees rather than a full 360 degrees. This movement allows the valve to pulse to release minute amounts of product during the final phase of discharge. IEDCO says the valve eliminates the need for motors or bearings and is extremely easy to clean.