Alien Technology Corporation opened a new facility last month focused on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, discovery, innovation and implementation. Located in Dayton, OH and comprising 23,000 sq. ft. of educational, R&D and real-world implementation resources, the RFID Solutions Center will work to capture the benefits of RFID applications such as improved asset visibility within supply chains, enhanced consumer safety and security and greater operating efficiencies for private and public sector organizations.

The center's services are available to organizations involved in the implementation of RFID technology, including enterprises, government agencies and their partners. It houses technical labs and test and piloting facilities, as well as the capital equipment needed to simulate a wide range of real-world RFID situations in consumer packaged goods, retail, transportation, defense and pharmaceuticals. The center aims to help organizations address RFID in the global supply chain-from packaging and manufacturing to distribution and point-of-sale.

Organizations partnering with the center have access to its resources as well as the opportunity to interact with other Solutions Center supporters. Partners will include hardware solutions providers, software solutions providers, systems integrators, end users in both the public and private sectors, and university-based educators and researchers.

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