Finding ways to combine proud dairy traditions and modern technology is standard operating procedure for Norager Mejeri A/S. Located between Hobro and Aalborg in Northern Jutland, the Danish company is part of the Nordex Group. The dairy employs 80 people and produces 14,330 tons of feta cheese each year.

Norager Mejeri A/S produces 14,330 tons of feta cheese each year with help from Petro-Canada's Purity FG Grease and REFLO A refrigerating compressor fluid. Using the new grease has doubled the lifetime of bearings and reduced grease consumption by 25 percent. Source: Petro Canada.

To produce machine-made feta, milk is poured into one end of a huge tank. The milk runs through the production system before coming out the other end as finished feta. To maintain its product quality, the dairy needed to find lubricants that would help keep operations running as smoothly as possible.

With that goal in mind, Norager Mejeri switched to Petro-Canada's Purity FG Grease and REFLO A refrigerating compressor fluid in the large refrigerated stores and ice-water plant used in its milk-treatment process. As a result, the company has been able to reduce lubricant consumption considerably, especially in the sealing machines, which are constantly coated with brine.

"Since we began using Purity FG Grease, our grease consumption has fallen by 25 percent and the lifetime of the bearings has doubled," says Allan Nielsen, maintenance manager at Norager Mejeri.

Another advantage is that the grease is approved for use in processing areas where there is a chance for incidental food contact. "I believe this safety measure means something for our customers. They feel more confident about our products," Nielsen says. "The fact that the grease is not toxic and will not make people ill if an accident should happen is naturally a plus."

Norager Mejeri has also seen several benefits from using Petro-Canada's REFLO A refrigerating compressor fluid in its Bitzer refrigeration compressors. The temperature in the refrigerators is 1