In collaboration with label producer Smyth Companies, Outlast Technologies, Inc. has developed a new temperature-buffering label called the Cold Wrap. This new label deflects heat from consumers' hands to keep beverages colder, longer. A 360-degree wrap with a tactile finish, the label's backside is coated with Outlast coatings, which contain microencapsulated phase-change materials called Thermocules, which store, absorb and release heat, to create a barrier between the container and consumers' hands. The label is composed of the Outlast material and a lamination of clear to metallized polyester. The labels are then finished and shipped to Smyth's bottle labeling facility in Golden, CO. The Cold Wrap label can be applied to a variety of materials including paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and metal. It is scheduled to appear on glass bottles this year with brand partner Coors Brewing Company.

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Smyth Companies, Inc.;; 651-643-2235