The newest brand in the functional beverage category is Celsius, a soft drink with a unique claim that it helps consumers burn calories when consumed. To differentiate this beverage from the slew of energy drinks in 8-oz. slim cans, the maker of Celsius, Elite FX, Inc., chose a sleek 12-oz. glass bottle from Vitro Packaging, Plano, TX. The bottle also features a full-body shrink sleeve label from SleeveCo., Dawsonville, GA.

To set Elite FX’s Celsius functional beverage apart from energy drinks, the company uses a glass bottle covered in a full-body shrink sleeve. Source: Elite FX, Inc.

Elite FX claims to be the first to market with a calorie-burning soft drink. The soft drink comes in five flavors including Orange, Wild Berry, Lemon-Lime, Cola and Ginger Ale. According to the company, all the flavors feature the same mix of natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to raise metabolism by an average of 12 percent over a three-hour period. This extended rise in metabolism can result in burning up to an additional 77 calories, depending on the individual’s metabolism, thereby leading to a calorie loss, says Elite FX.

The soft drink is said to get its “thermogenic” power from a proprietary combination of ingredients that include green tea, ginger, caffeine, B vitamins and vitamin C. Celsius also has no chemical preservatives, carbohydrates, sugar, and no high fructose corn syrup.

“Our original objective was to bring health and nutrition to the soft drink category, which we believe is long overdue,” says Steve Haley, president of Elite FX. “Consumers continue to want a refreshing beverage, but they are also demanding functional benefits and a healthier product, and Celsius delivers on both fronts.”

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