Container gripability is a function of hand size, and packagers increasingly are designing their containers for easy gripping by children in the 8 to 12 age group.

Gatorade All Stars are packaged in 12 oz. PET bottles designed for pre-teens’ hands. Pictured is the new watermelon flavor. Strawberry (red) and berry (blue) are the line’s other flavor options.

Pepsico’s Gatorade Co. is the latest beverage firm to cater to this group with the rollout of Gatorade All Stars, 12 oz. PET bottles designed for lunch boxes and after-school play.

Three new flavors were developed for All Stars, which are sold in six-packs for about $3. The bottle, designed and manufactured by Amcor PET Packaging, features two ribs in the domed shoulder to help small fingertips grasp it. The bottle opening is a 33 mm finish, about 10 mm smaller than the typical 16- or 20-oz. container.

“Our bottle had to be unique and easy for ‘tweens’ to use,” according to Gatorade Vice President Mary Dillon. Those consumers are part of the 4 to 12 year-old age group that is responsible for an estimated $200 billion in purchasing decisions each year.