Hamburger buns pass through an optical inspection and sorting machine. Source: Dipix Technologies Inc.

Laser and optical technologies come into play in Key Technology’s vision-based inspection systems. Source: Key Technology.

Nondestructive inspection

Baked desserts produced in Culi d’Or’s Velp, Holland plant are packaged in foil, a factor that influenced the selection of X-ray inspection units. Source: Loma Systems.

X-ray inspection for products in glass containers and metallized film is becoming a viable alternative to metal detectors in food plants. Source: Mettler-Toledo Safeline Inc.

3D cameras, 2D codes

Three-dimensional images of jelly beans is probably overkill, but 3D color cameras are becoming available for quality inspections in automotive and other manufacturing industries. Source: Omron Electronics LLC.

Inventor's defeat spells machine-vision relief