The mandate to save has never been stronger in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

The mandate to save-whether it be through production and labor cost reductions, corporate environmental mandates or safe and effective good manufacturing practices to protect human lives-has never been stronger in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

This month marks our 7th Annual Replacement Parts Directory and I wanted to point out a few waysFood Engineeringis saving.

As you page through this issue, you may notice some subtle changes in our directory issue format. In order to reduce the number of magazine pages it takes to print this data, we have decreased the type size and increased the number of columns per page to accommodate more information on each page. In addition, we redesigned the content presentation in the “Products and Parts” section of the directory to make it both more user-friendly and space-efficient.

As a result, this year we are able to present more information in 20 fewer pages than in previous directories.  If you multiply those 20 pages by the number ofFEissues we print, the savings add up to about 1 million printed pages with this issue alone.

As the business world continues to evolve and environmental concerns increasingly become a part of everyday life, business-to-business publications also must change with the times. Food Engineering salutes all of our readers’ continued strides in support of sustainability throughout the food industry and we will continue our efforts to provide more information in a sustainable manner.

More ways to go green

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