High color saturation and sharp contrast characterize foods when illuminated with solid-state lighting. This forkfull of nutrition is lighted with a 12 watt LED, a cell that is highly directional and can be used in place of a 90-100 watt incandescent bulb. Source: Sitka Enterpises Inc.

High-efficiency lamps and improved electronics cut energy costs in half at Inland Cold Storage and qualified the project for a utility rebate that reduced payback to 14 months. Source: Cooper Lighting.

Fluorescent lamps are appropriate in heavy washdown environments, provided the fixtures include features like fire-rated acrylic tubes and capped and gasketed ends. Source: Gray Sasser, Rig A Lite Inc.

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Metal halide's challenge

Warm lighting that enhances the look of food was essential in the award-winning design of the Nestle Professional Customer Innovation Campus in Solon, OH. Source: Nestle Professional.

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