System provides quality monitoring and electronic documentation of programs.

Harris Ranch is a family-owned-and-operated company located in Central California’s San JoaquinValley

Harris Ranch’s commitment to product integrity and food safety is exemplified through the company’s voluntary residue control program that monitors its cattle feed for pesticide residues while verifying absence of residues in beef at frequencies that exceed USDA requirements. The processor is one of three companies in the US to implement such a program and, since its launch 25 years ago, has never been in violation. In addition, Harris Ranch adheres to its beef HACCP intervention program. Maintaining the highest level of quality and food safety is a top priority for the processor, which is why it has a highly trained quality assurance staff that works with the USDA to ensure food safety is consistent in its production process. To prove its quality and food safety efforts, the processor chose Qualtrax software to provide both quality monitoring and electronic documentation of its programs.

“Qualtrax was a natural fit for our company. The software will enable our team to be even more precise in the execution and documentation of our food safety efforts,” says Harris Ranch’s Quality Manager Brandon Carlson. “Qualtrax will be an integral tool for our operation and will help maintain the integrity of our brand, which we have worked so hard to build over the years. Uncompromising food safety practices are a necessity in our industry, and Qualtrax is an invaluable tool for us moving forward.”

Harris Ranch plans to use the software to maintain documentation within its quality department and to automate its business processes. In addition to the software’s compliance platform, Harris Ranch also selected the software’s quality and control point module to help collect and analyze critical data using portable, ruggedized computers.