McCain Foods needed an ERP system that could pull together its global manufacturing base, financial management, supply chain and innovation components.

McCain Foods Limited, Canadian manufacturer of frozen food products including French fries, appetizers, pizzas, vegetables, desserts, juices, entrées and oven meals, needed an ERP solution to gain seamless, end-to-end integration for all its systems-from supply chain management to financial management to driving new product innovation.

Established in 1957, McCain’s growth has accelerated in the past decade and the company now has a strong presence in the emerging economies of China, India, South Africa and South America, in addition to its established operations in Canada, US, UK, Europe and Australia. The need to replace its legacy systems with comprehensive and flexible business management software reflects McCain’s increasingly global footprint.   

“We are a large company with globally dispersed operations,” says David Sanchez, chief financial officer, McCain Foods Limited. McCain has more than 20,000 employees working in 53 factories and offices on six continents around the world.

To continue to meet customer expectations around the world, McCain needed an industry-specific software solution to perform and meet the requirements of its corporate and local offices as well as plants worldwide. McCain selected SAP for Consumer Products, a comprehensive suite of applications from SAP integrated with business support and analytical software that enables manufacturers to optimize end-to-end business processes and achieve key business goals, including financial performance management, product innovation and supply chain management.

“With SAP we expect to easily operate in a global capacity. SAP will help us streamline our processes so we can focus on delivering value to our customers and growing our business, says Sanchez.”

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