Dairies will be in the first wave of food processors to leverage charged ultrafiltration membranes to boost throughput in protein separation, but the technology has broad potential in other processes, as well. Source: Fonterra Cooperative Group.

Dairy processors and other food manufacturers are facing stricter wastewater discharge limits of nitrogen and phosphorous elements, making membrane bioreactors a more viable option in pretreatment. Source: O’Brien & Gere.

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Filtration is the primary step in Creagri Inc.’s fractionation of olives into oil, vegetation water, solid particles and the stone. The Hayward, CA company is one of the rising number of nutritional ingredient developers that rely on filtration technology to isolate beneficial molecules found in food. Source: Creagri Inc.

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Ultrafiltration plays a critical part in Select Milk’s manipulation of the protein and lactose content of fluid milk processes, enabling the dairy to offer “designer milk” with specific attributes.

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