A sanitary, high-performance cooker kettle, the Walker PZ-CB-K processor kettle performs high-speed mixing, blending, heating and cooling of a range of products including viscous materials. It features a cone bottom pitched to a center outlet and an agitator system of dual counteracting design. A scraper-type agitator has removable molded nylon blades that continuously wipe the bottom and sidewalls to blend product, increase heat transfer efficiency and aid in unloading. A counteracting agitator typically has an offset turbine-style blade to promote vertical movement to the mixing action. A stainless steel heat transfer jacket allows operating pressures up to 100psig at 320°F as standard; higher operating pressures and ASME and CRN code stamping are available. The processor kettle meets national and United States Public Heath Service requirements and the 3A Sanitary Standards for batch processors.

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