FDA-compliant Eriez PolyMag additives impart metal detectability, X-ray contrast and magnetic susceptibility into plastic moldings to protect consumers from plastic-contaminated food products. Masterbatch PolyMag additives can be incorporated in returnable plastic containers, pallets, scoops, scrappers, O-rings, gaskets, conveyor belting, drive belting, bucket elevators and more; the masterbatch pellets are available with various carrier resins including ethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, nylon, acetal and a flexible elastomer. PolyMag powders can be used for special compounding needs or in foam, thermoset rubber and liquid raw materials. The additives are typically included at 10% to 20% loadings in moldings and extrusions. FDA has offered a favorable opinion of the additives per CTS 75807.

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