Available as non-dusting pellets, Eriez PolyMag additives impart metal detectability, X-ray contrast and magnetic susceptibility into plastic moldings to aid in the detection of plastic contamination in food products. Resins containing PolyMag Gray HSCP can be pigmented darker colors such as blue, gray, green, red and purple; PolyMag Black HSCP is suitable for black applications, while PolyMag Beige XRD is for applications that require a high level of X-ray contrast. The FDA-compliant additives are intended for cable ties, conveyor belts, ear plugs, elevator buckets, gaskets, pallets, totes, pens, markers, scoops, shovels, scraper blades, sifter cleaning balls and sliders, tags and labels. They are typically included at 10% to 20% loadings in moldings and extrusions.

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