The USDA has granted A&B Ingredients approval for its CytoGuard antimicrobial as a Salmonella intervention agent in poultry products. Based on Lauric Arginate, a derivate of Lauric Acid, L-Arginine and Ethanol—all naturally occurring substances—CytoGuard LA is specifically designed for use in ready-to-eat (RTE) processed meat and poultry products.

In acknowledging the company’s request for use of the lauric arginate ester (LAE) as an antimicrobial agent in ground poultry, the USDA acknowledged A&B Ingredients submitted microbiological data showing a reduction in salmonella. The compound is said to be stable up to one year with pH ranges of three to nine, and is also stable to heating and freezing. As a clear liquid, it doesn’t affect the appearance of food products and at typical usage levels, does not affect flavors.

While a derivative of naturally occurring substances, the molecule was first synthesized by the CSIC (Higher Council of Scientific Research) in Barcelona in 1984. It was then patented and commercialized by the Vedeqsa Lamirsa Group and distributed in the US through A&B Ingredients.