GMA issues statement on E15 Supreme Court petition

Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA) filed a petition with the US Supreme Court asking that it reverse DC circuit court’s decision to dismiss a challenge to EPA’s decision to allow gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol to be sold for cars manufactured in 2007 and later. The original suit alleges that EPA’s decision is not within the agency’s legal authority. GMA called the DC court’s decision procedurally unfounded, and said that consumers will ultimately pay the heaviest price for the court’s decision. “The original suit filed argued that EPA had exceeded its authority and violated the law when approving the use of E15; but more importantly, it put consumers at risk of food insecurity,” GMA said in a statement. “These facts have not changed. We continue to support this position and are now looking to the Supreme Court to overturn the decision of the lower court to ensure that GMA and the coalition’s arguments are heard.”