A troubleshooting camera with an infrared heat map, the Fluke VT02 visual infrared thermometer combines the visual insight of a thermal imager, the visual images of a digital camera and the point-and-shoot capabilities of an infrared thermometer. Used for inspecting  electrical, industrial and HVAC/R applications, the thermometer detects problems using blended thermal and digital imagery; it displays and saves images as full visual, full infrared or in 3 blended modes (25%, 50% and 75%). Markers pinpoint hot and cold spots, indicating the hottest temperature with a red box and the coldest with a blue box. A temperature reading is provided at the center point. Images are saved to the micro-SD card and can be imported into the analysis and reporting software included with the unit.

Fluke Corporation; 800-44-FLUKE; www.fluke.com