tu bacon crujiente prize winning
A printed paperboard sleeve, removed prior to microwaving, provides brand identity and product information for a susceptor-equipped package for microwaveable bacon from Embotits Espina. Source: AIMCAL. 
A microwaveable, susceptor-equipped bacon package for Embotits Espina, a 102-year-old maker of cold cuts headquartered in Vic, Spain, earned the Product of the Year Award in the Vacuum Metallized or Coated Product Competition organized by the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL). Graphic Packaging International, Inc., Atlanta, GA, received the honor for its role in converting and metallizing the cook-in pack for four slices of bacon. 
The panel of judges liked the product’s combination of consumer convenience, eye-catching appearance and functionality. “This pack is definitely an extension of susceptor technology,” noted one judge. 
The package relies on Graphic Packaging’s QuiltWave susceptor rollstock, a dual lamination of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)/paper/patterned susceptor-metallized PET. During the one-minute cooking period, the cells created by the pattern in the QuiltWave susceptor inflate to contact the bacon and ensure it crisps properly. 
Graphic Packaging also won the Marketing Award in the Food Packaging Category of the competition. Its consumer products division in Lawrenceburg, TN earned recognition for a 30-oz. “Finn at the Beach” gabletop carton for Goldfish crackers from Pepperidge Farm, Norwalk, CT. Judges liked the shelf impact of the vividly printed, glossy gabletop. Graphic Packaging supplies the metallized layer, which provides barrier properties, and converts the reclosable carton from 0.019-in. milk carton stock. The resulting heat-sealable structure—reverse rotogravure-printed PET/PE/paperboard/PE/metallized PET/PE—eliminates the need for inner bags or hot-melt sealing. 
Camvac Limited, Thetford, UK, earned the Technical Award in the Food Packaging Category for its ExtraPET transparent barrier lidstock. The lidstock seals to a crystallized PET tray for refrigerated, heat-and-eat meals from Old Country Pasta, Port Coquitlam, BC. After Camvac deposits a sub-micron layer of aluminum oxide on polyester film, the barrier material is adhesive-laminated to a web of heat-sealable polyester. Celplast Packaging Systems, Toronto, ON, serves as the converter. Judges liked the combination of clarity, barrier and shelf life protection. 
goldfish new packaging paperboard
This gabletop for Goldfish crackers combines shelf impact with functionality. A pattern-coated silicone release agent along the top edge simplifies opening. Source: AIMCAL. 
An eye-catching folding carton for Crown Royal Maple Finished Whiskey from Diageo PLC, Norwalk, CT, captured the Marketing Award in the Nonfood Packaging Category for Unifoil Corp., Fairfield, NJ. The design maintains the Crown Royal family look for this line extension, while the metallized gold interior reflects the maple flavor of the whiskey. The judges pronounced the carton “gorgeous” and noted the heavy paperboard supports the product’s upscale image and the 1-liter glass bottle inside. Unifoil converted the UniLustre substrate, a coated, one-side, 28-point solid bleached sulfate (SBS), which is acrylic-coated and metallized in silver and gold. 
The entry that won the Technical Award in the Label: Retail Category could encourage food and beverage brand owners to replace metallized paper labels with cut-and-stack film labels. Award winner Super Film Ambalaj San. Tic. A.A., Gaziantep, Turkey, metallizes Supmet 1132 CLC biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film for cut-and-stack labels converted by Webtech Limited, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. The judges noted the curl-free nature of the 85-micron film ensures smooth handling on labeling equipment. The opaque, white, cavitated film is coated on both sides. The metallized side is top-coated for the adhesion of gravure, offset or ultraviolet flexographic inks and to protect the surface from scratches and wrinkles; the other side is coated to be receptive to adhesives. 
Technical Coating International, Inc. (TCI), Leland, NC, took home the Technical Award in the Industrial Category. TCI converts metallized polyester/low-density polyethylene for a patent-pending Microfoam Pallet Cover from Alpine Thermal Technologies, Moon Township, PA. The pallet cover makes it possible to ship frozen and refrigerated product in the same trailer. The metallized material’s moisture and thermal properties allow Alpine to replace conventional two-piece foil/bubble wrap systems or quilted fabrics with a one-piece insulating shroud. Judges recognized the metallized material’s insulating properties, the flexibility it offers shippers and its potential for limiting greenhouse gas emissions.
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