Exports to China must comply with new restrictions

The Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China announced the approval of the FDT standard as the China National Standard GB/T 29618. The FDT standard is already approved as the IEC 62453 standard as well as the ISA/ANSI 102 standard, so this latest approval allows multinational companies to deploy the standard in automation platforms on a global scale with assurance it will be accepted by all major governing standards bodies.

“China has seen tremendous growth in the adoption of the FDT standard thanks to the on the ground efforts of our China FDT Association,” says Glenn Schulz, managing director of the FDT Group. “Many China-based automation suppliers have incorporated the FDT standard into their offerings to enhance their device integration, asset management capabilities and seamless multi industrial network deployments.”

The FDT standard is available for any industry supplier or end-user free, without license or royalty. For more information, visit www.fdtgroup.com.