FDA petitioned for additional sweetener labelingConsumer action group Citizens for Health (CFH) has petitioned FDA asking the government agency to compel manufacturers to spell out the type of sweeteners added to products.

CFH says FDA’s proposed new labeling rules fail to fully inform consumers which could make it difficult to see a difference between natural sugar and other caloric sweeteners.

“The CFH petition simply seeks transparency regarding what food products contain because US consumers want and need this information to make healthy choices,” said Jim Turner, CFH board chair. “Consumers have a right to know what goes into their bodies and it's consistent with the FDA's mandate to compel food manufacturers to provide the public accurate label information.”

The FDA's current label reform proposal puts various sugars and nutritive sweeteners a category of “added sugars” which includes everything from brown sugar and honey, to high fructose corn syrup.

CFH proposes a label listing each distinct sugar and caloric separately.