More than 200 craft brewers have helped reduce their collective carbon footprint by 3 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions by sharing a pool of kegs instead of owning their own, according to a study by John Heckman with PE International and commissioned by MicroStar Logistics.

“Sustainability is critically important to our customers and the craft beer industry overall,” said Dan Vorlage, MicroStar's vice president of marketing and business development. “We're proud to help brewers achieve their sustainability goals by leveraging our unique model, our scale and our logistics expertise to take empty keg miles off the road.  We see these results as just the beginning of what this industry can accomplish.”

MicroStar manages a large network of kegs, about 2 million nationwide, as well as the corresponding logistical needs for approximately 200 craft brewery customers.

“It's clear that MicroStar's pooled asset model is inherently more sustainable than the alternative model of a brewer owning their own kegs,” Heckman said.