Ice Cream Package

A new ice cream package incorporates a reclosable lid and integrated spoon for on-the-go snacking. Source: RPC Superfos.

In a study Mintel recently conducted, 69 percent of respondents who buy frozen treats identified packaging and serving size as important, especially those who are most likely to eat it on the go. Recognizing this trend, RPC Superfos has developed a packaging solution for dairy producers. 

The new pack comes with a spoon integrated into the lid of a square container. To reach the spoon, the consumer tears off a self-adhesive peel-off label on the top of the reclosable container. Both the spoon and container are made of polypropylene.

The pack’s shape and lid top design facilitate stackability, while the in-mold labeling helps maximize brand identity with colors, pictures, decorations and trademarks, explains Terry Sullivan, president, RPC Superfos US, Inc.

The design is available in two versions: one with the spoon in the lid and the other with a higher lid, with room for a crunchy topping and the spoon. Two sizes also are available: 210ml and 300ml.

Apart from ice cream, products including yogurt, cottage cheese, baby food, salads, breakfast foods, desserts, hot snacks and cake products such as tiramisu could benefit from the new pack. One customer is currently planning a dairy product launch in December 2014, using a 210ml package with no topping included.

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