One of the largest poultry cooperatives in Brazil, C-Vale wanted new packaging for its frozen chicken nuggets that would help keep out frostbite and be convenient for consumers. The company enlisted the services of Zip-Pak Brazil.

“Brazilian consumers are continuing to show a preference for packaging that is both convenient and extends product freshness,” says Daniel Richena, commercial director for Zip-Pak Brazil.

The Aurora brand of frozen chicken nuggets is sold throughout Brazil and 70 different countries. To develop the new packaging for C-Vale, Zip-Pak teamed up with Plastrela, a supplier of the Inno-Lok closure system in Brazil. Inno-Lok is a patented system for attaching reclosable fasteners in a way that produces a roll of pre-zippered film. It can be used for flexible packaging in both barrier and non-barrier packaging applications.

To qualify for C-Vale’s new packaging, the solution had to preserve freshness and the flavor of the nuggets, which made Inno-Lok particularly suitable since it meets C-Vale’s strict moisture and oxygen barrier requirements.

“This is the first use of the Inno-Lok closure system for a poultry package in Brazil,” says Richena. “Working closely with C-Vale and Plastrela enabled us to help deliver a reliable flexible packaging solution quickly and easily.”

Zip-Pak is a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc. (ITW). Last year, the company opened a 46,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility in Cabreúva, São Paulo, Brazil. The plant produces food-grade zippers, primarily for food, pet and household consumer products.

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