USPOULTRY offers biosecurity programWith the news of avian influenza making headlines in recent months, USPOULTRY says it is making available its Infectious Disease Risk Management: Practical Biosecurity Resources for Commercial Poultry Producers program.

According to USPOULTRY, the program was created to aid the development of more effective biosecurity practices and is designed to be used as a development tool for personnel training and teaching.

“The avian influenza virus may be carried by migratory birds, and there is a growing incidence being identified along the North American continental flyways. The need to have an effective biosecurity program in place is essential and should be implemented immediately,” said John Glisson, vice president of research programs for USPOULTRY.

The program, free for all USPOULTRY members, is interactive, user-friendly and includes educational videos and content.

 More on the program can be found here.