This past April packaging professionals from across the country converged in Chicago for a two-day forum on focusing on industry collaboration and solving the challenges related to reusable packaging.

Produced by the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA), attendees of the event were able to hear real-world examples, experiences and best practices from peers in similar industries.

CHEP was one of several sponsors of the two day event along with sister company IFCO. As part of the

“The collective expertise at the forum provided a unique opportunity for users of reusables to gain tips on cost reduction, creating leaner operations and really maximizing the benefits of their returnable packaging,” said Chris Bomgaars, director of sales and marketing at the containers division of CHEP North America, “Building momentum for future events of this kind and encouraging end user participation would be advantageous for the industry as a whole.” 

Forum topics included:

-Best Practices for Implementing Reusable Supply Chain Solutions

-The Business Case for Reusable Packaging

-Controlling Reusable Assets and Preventing Loss

 More information on the event and resources from speakers and discussions can be found here