The Innovation Center for U.S Dairy, established under the leadership of dairy farmers, announced the publication of the 2014 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Report.

"Dairy's commitment underscores the vital role of milk and dairy foods within a global food system that supports healthy people and healthy communities," said Tom Gallagher, CEO of the Innovation Center and Dairy Management Inc. "Today the U.S. dairy industry is playing a leading role in building a sustainable food system, sharing our learning and experiences in a way that can be used by dairy farmers and others in agriculture around the world."

Highlights from the 2014 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Report:

Continuous improvement in climate adaptation is an inherent part of the dairy community: The dairy industry is committed to employing climate adaption strategies and creating business value through a portfolio of greenhouse gas reduction projects.

Dairy farmers, importers and businesses support their local communities and address hunger: In 2014, the dairy industry continued its work with Feeding America to increase milk donations to local food banks across the country. Through a collaborative effort, the Great American Milk Drive delivered 283,000 gallons of milk – and its 9 essential nutrients – to hungry families across the country.

 Partnerships continue to help advance sustainability of the dairy industry: In 2014, the Innovation Center's partnership with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was renewed for another two years. The groups are working together to promote widespread dairy industry adoption of innovative, environmentally sustainable solutions as well as incremental improvements in existing dairy practices and technologies.