Amid sliding soda sales, PepsiCo announced it will debut an organic version of Gatorade in an effort to capitalize on a growing trends and appeal to consumer demands.

The updated version of its popular sports beverages will hit store shelves in 2016 along with a new line of non-GMO labeled Tropicana juices, reports Business Insider.

“It’s a consumer interest,” says Al Carey, CEO of PepsiCo Americas Beverages, who made the announcement this week at Beverage Digest’s Futures Smarts conference. “I think they’re very interested in non-GMO and organic, and to the degree you can make it meaningful to the customer—do it.”

The exact ingredients to be replaced that will make the drink organic are not known. Gatorade—a hydration and electrolyte replacement beverage—is marketed toward athletes. As PepsiCo continues to explore beverage options outside the traditional soft drink markey, the company hopes the new line of drinks will appeal to younger millennials who have a preference for organic products.