The Organic Trade Association (OTA), along with dozens of organic brands, will be busting misconceptions surrounding organic products as part of a consumer education campaign highlighting the benefits of organic products.

Online from Sept. 1-30, OTA and brand leaders will host “Organic Myth-Busting Month,” where they will take to social channels to address topics such as the affordability of organic food and whether or not science can prove benefits of eating organic.

“Why focus an entire month around myth-busting? Despite organic sales and accessibility at all-time highs, consumer confusion about organic benefits remains significant,” said Laura Batcha, OTA’s executive director and CEO. ”Consumers need to know the facts about organic so they can make the smartest choices for themselves and their families. Together, by engaging with consumers, media and influencers with a consistent and clear voice, we can change some misconceptions and bring audiences ‘on the fence’ about organic into the fold.”

Leveraging the #OrganicFestival hashtag, the massive social media campaign is projected to reach millions of consumers across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

OTA says the campaign will also include at least five Twitter Parties, featuring industry thought leaders as co-hosts for hour-long Twitter chats to foster online, two-way conversations between top organic experts and consumers. In addition, OTA will hold activities at special September events, including Natural Products Expo East.

Each week in September OTA will focus on a key area of misconception about organic, while deconstructing a related “myth” each day of that week:

Week #1 (Sept. 1-5): Organic Labeling, addressing the certification process, the integrity of the USDA label and the differences between organic vs. other unregulated claims such as “natural”

Week #2 (Sept. 6-12): Organic Health, busting myths that organic isn't better for you, sharing fresh research on organic's health benefits

Week #3 (Sept. 13-19): Organic Value, revealing the costs behind organic, demonstrating organic is affordable for all – including budget-conscious consumers – and proving organic truly is worth it

Week #4 (Sept. 20-26): Organic Production, illustrating how organic can feed the world, outlining local and small vs. large-scale organic farming, highlighting environmental benefits

 Week #5 (Sept. 27-30): Organic Beyond Food, celebrating the lesser-known silos of organic, sharing why organic fiber, home and personal care products are better for your skin and health, revealing the differences between organic and conventional textile production.