Danish food packaging supplier Brodrene Hartmann will begin production in the US, announcing it will invest $30 million to build a factory in Missouri.

According to the Associated Press, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announced the company will construct a 334,000-sq.-ft. plant to manufacturer egg cartons made from recycled newspaper.

“Our current activities in North America have contributed significantly to Hartmann’s growth and profitability in recent years, and with the new factory in the US we want to ensure a continuation of the positive development. With increased production capacity and presence in both Canada and the US, we will gain access to a larger share of the market and have a solid foundation for expanding the business," says CEO Ulrik Kolding Hartvig.

The factory is expected to be operational by early 2017 and will create approximately 50 jobs.

Founded in 1917, Brodrene Hartmann is a global manufacturer of molded-fiber egg packaging, fruit packaging and packaging machinery. The company has 2,100 employs and plants in Europe, Israel, South America and Canada.